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Past Achievements

Past Achievements

Live from the stage/my workspace

Sarah's Past Achievements

2011 - Intern, The Walkley Foundation & The International Federation of Journalists (NSW)

2012 - Graduate, Bachelor of Journalism, with awards in Academic Achievement, Griffith University

2013 - Graduated prestigious Pembroke-Kings Program, The University of Cambridge (UK)

2013 - 2018 Over 50 artist interviews published in No Cure Magazine to date

2012 - 2017 Traveled extensively throughout my study/work including Indonesia in 2014

2016-18 - Launched my own independently funded art gallery, The Culprit Club with a focus to support local artists. (Currently supported and exhibited over 200 artists to date)

2016 - Invited as guest speaker at Music Industry College to discuss the local contemporary art community + independent publishing

2016 - Attained Sponsorship with Ironlak, allowing paint to be supplied to artists who are supported through The Culprit Club

2017 - Launched successful artist residency program, offering artists a physical space to create a body of work to exhibit + industry support









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