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Sarah Hazlehurst

Sarah is a 26-year-old arts worker, curator, gallery director and journalist.

She owns and operates her art gallery, The Culprit Club located in Winn Lane, Brisbane, Australia. Since launching The Culprit Club in July 2016, Sarah has independently supported over 200 artists, and hosted over 25 solo and group art exhibitions.

After launching a successful artist residency program in 2017, offering local Australian artists a physical space to create new work, as well industry support in exhibition curation, marketing and networking, Sarah’s passion for industry support, and her proven reputation within the local creative community have lead her to become one of Brisbane’s most sought after arts workers.

Her professional, hard hitting, yet sensitive techniques of community engagement, exhibition curation and creative collaboration, matched with her youthful age, experience and highly-developed industry connections is a rarity amongst curators.

Sarah is also a freelance arts journalist, specialising in content creation for the creative industry. After working for No Cure Magazine for the past five years alongside acclaimed Editor and designer, Mark Zeidler, Sarah has interviewed some of the world's most saught after artists and has been published throughout 15 print issues.

Sarah’s educational qualifications include The University of Cambridge, where she graduated from the prestigious Pembroke-Kings program in 2013 after studying Travel Writing, Literature and Linguistics. She is also a graduate of Griffith University, being awarded a Bachelor of Journalism (majoring in Photo-journalism and Public Relations) with Awards in Academic achievement in 2012.

It's no secret Sarah's passion for the arts is deep seeded. Her love, respect and ambition to curate creative, cultural experiences reflects whole-heartedly in her past exhibitions, published words and gallery walls.